Winning the War on Phishing Scams. Wait I Didn’t Realize I was in a War?

Winning the War on Phishing Scams. Wait I Didn't Realize I was in a War

The war on Phishing scams is real and is getting heated. As cybersecurity officials develop new ways to avoid phishing scams and learn to recognize their signs, malicious actors innovate new ways to trick users.

One way this has happened is the implementation of the lock symbol on websites. Sites are required to have a lock symbol to ensure their site is safe and those who visit it will not be attacked. This lock symbol was a way developed for the everyday user to easily interpret malicious sites from legit ones. However, threat actors have now begun using the lock symbol for malicious sites, making it difficult to recognize the legitimacy of sites.

This war on phishing scams will not end today or in a month. A long-term strategy is required to begin tackling this issue. To learn more on what to do next, read the full article at our partner, SymbolSecurity’s blog: