Private CISO Dinner with the LIFARS and Department of Homeland Security

Private CISO Dinner with the LIFARS and Department of Homeland Security

Last week @LIFARS, LLC hosted a privileged dinner event for some of NewYork’s most prominent CISO, CIO CTO and VPIT s alongside The Department of Homeland security’s John Felker.

On behalf of LIFARS LLS, and our event sponsors Blackberry Cylance, SecurityScorecard and ValiMail, We’d like to say thank you again for spending your time with us and for your meaningful contributions to the conversation.

That night, we had several one on one meetings and are continuing conversations with a large portion of our guests.
It’s truly a privilege to serve these fine security professionals and to get to know them, their struggles and triumphs, and how,   government and other technologies can help organizations to cope with some of security’s biggest challenges and the advancing landscape/actors – as well as best prepare to avoid cyber incidents and the business repercussions that are implied.

If you are interested in attending our last Law Enforcement dinner of 2019 (Mid-October) or if you are simply interested in a meeting to discuss this content, please reach out to Lauren Saenz – Your Cyber Resilience partner.


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Conferences and other events are an excellent way to share knowledge and work toward new solutions. LIFERS founder, Ondrej Krehel, is a frequent presenter/speaker because he understands how important it is to take an active role in the creation of new methods of maintaining a safe environment in an increasingly unsafe world.

“It’s important to be ever vigilant because everyone is a target. Together, we move forward to a more secure tomorrow. We never rest because the threat never rests.”