2020: A New Cyber Cold War?

2020: A New Cyber Cold War?

2019 is almost gone, and 2020 is not far. To be prepared for all the challenges we have to face in 2020, it is a good idea to make some predictions based on cybersecurity development in the past few years.

Here are the predictions regarding global cybersecurity trends in 2020:

  • A new cold war conducted between Western and Eastern technologies as well as intelligence
  • More fake news spread out in 2020 election for undermining followers of candidates
  • Utilities continue to be a popular cyber-attacks target as it is vulnerable to remote exploitation
  • An increase in cyber-attacks targeting high-profile American companies
  • Companies’ lobbying will be accelerated for weakening privacy regulation

Here are the predictions regarding cybersecurity technology developments in 2020:

  • An increase in taking out insurance policies against ransomware increases ransom demands
  • SMS texting, messaging on social media, and gaming platforms can be used for phishing
  • The new versions of malware become more sophisticated and effective
  • That insurance companies guiding policyholders to pay ransoms leads to more attacks and fast growth for the cyber insurance industry.
  • A more holistic approach to IoT security will be needed for protecting the networks across all industries and business sectors.
  • 5G bandwidth leads to a threat of exposing numbers of connected devices and sensors
  • AI technology will be used more in both cyber-attacks and cyber-defense
  • Flexible, cloud-based, and resilient security solutions are in demand at the speed of DevOps
  • Organizations start to consider hybrid environments comprising both private and public clouds

Nowadays, criminals and threat actors can impact on many aspects of our lives more easily because of the seamless always-on connectivity. Attacks are increasing with no doubt in these years, so we are always in demand for effective and innovative cyber-defense. This kind of cyber-defense should combine real-time threat prevention, shared intelligence and advanced protections across all networks, cloud and mobile deployments.


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