Multiple Fraud Cases Registered in India

Multiple Fraud Cases Registered in India

On December 31st, the last of 2019, there were at least 9 fraud cases registered in India. Among these 9 fraud cases, debit cards and online frauds were included. After the cybercrime cell submitted its investigation reports against unidentified people who duped city residents, these 9 fraud cases were registered at different police stations. Here are the summaries about these 9 fraud cases:

The First Case: An unidentified man pretended a life insurance agent and told a Bhondsi resident that he will have to deposit some 59,000 Indian rupees as a withdrawal fee if he wants to get back 500,000 Indian rupees. A few days after this resident deposited the amount in the given bank account number, he realized he was duped as he contacted the insurance company.

The Second Case: a Bhondsi-based resident named Amresh Kumar alleged that he was duped of 63,000 Indian rupees by a person claiming to be an employee of a public sector bank. This guy asked for his card details on the pretext of increasing his credit limit and the victim lost money in one transaction.

The Third Case: Manish Kumar of Bhondsi was told by an unidentified caller that he has won a Tata Safari SUV and for that, he needs to pay 120,000 Indian rupees as taxes. After paying the amount online, the phone numbers were switched off.

The Fourth Case: Sumit S. stated that 16,500 Indian rupees were debited from his savings account without any prior intimation. Then, he received a text message from the bank, stating that the amount has been debited from the current account of his business a day after a transaction was carried out.

The Fifth Case: A resident of Faridabad returned home in a cab from a party at Sector 50 and left his jacket in the vehicle. Bisht said he had kept his mobile phones and ATM cards in his jacket, and he received messages from the bank that 126,000 Indian rupees were withdrawn from his savings account.

The Sixth Case: A resident of Sector 9 had bought a second-hand mobile phone after seeing an advertisement on the mobile application wherein second-hand goods are purchased and sold. However, she realized she did not receive the phone after she paid 20,500 Indian rupees online.

The Seventh Case: A resident Naveen Kumar said that he was duped of 63,000 Indian rupees when he paid the amount online after seeing an advertisement to buy a motorbike.

The Eighth Case: A resident of Sector 4, received a call from a person who introduced himself as a bank employee and asked for his bank details to update his KYC. A day after, about 146,000 Indian rupees were withdrawn from the victim’s account in three transactions.

The Ninth Case: A resident of Patel Nagar in Gurugram was shocked to receive a text message from her bank saying that 136,300 Indian rupees had been debited from her bank account. The victim said that she did not use her debit card for any online shopping or withdrawal of cash at ATM.



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