Should CEOs Delete Their Social Media Accounts?!

messaging social media-US, UK Governments Call for Mandatory Backdoors in Encrypted MessagingUS, UK Governments Call for Mandatory Backdoors in Encrypted Messaging

Cyber-attacks have become the most feared threat for large organizations and businesses. A majority of the CEOs are worried about cyber crimes so they have taken personal steps by deleting their account on Social Media to protect them against Attackers.

CEOs are influential, high-profile, and may hold the destinies of hundreds of thousands of employees. Yet, an astounding 61% of Fortune 500 CEOs are unwilling to engage in social media activities. And the rest CEOs who are on social media, are deactivating their profiles.

As per the Professional services firm  PwC report:

“Cyber Attacks are the biggest worry for the business- to such an extent that some CEOs are deleting their social media account to protect against Hackers to help personally  avoid falling victims to criminals.”

part of its 23rd annual CEO survey –  follows the latest edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report for 2020 which also listed cyber attacks and data theft as some of the top risks to society, ranked only behind climate change and environmental disasters.”

In a survey, it is said the risk of cyber attacks had caused CEOs to alter their own personal digital behavior, such as deleting social media accounts or virtual assistant applications or requesting a company to delete their data. To counter the threat of cyber attacks, PwC recommends that organizations ensure that cybersecurity is a top priority that proliferates through to every part of the business.

Richard Horne, cybersecurity chair at PwC said –

“It’s clear that cybercrime continues to grow as an issue for CEOs around the world, meaning that for many, the threat to their margins, their brands and even their continued existence from cyber attacks is no longer an abstract risk that can be ignored,”

In the future, organizations will potentially require radical changes to their businesses and their operations in order to make them more securable from cybercrimes.

Should CEOs Delete Their Social Media Accounts?!

Social media is a great platform to promote organizations to a global audience of billions and also a reliable way to stay in touch with all your business contacts. Building a personal brand via social media is important and valuable from a business perspective. So, many CEOs are using social media for professional purposes, branding, boosting business values as it holds a huge number of audiences.

On the other hand, some CEOs are concerned about cybercrime so they are deleting their accounts from social media. They believe that criminals usually target social media as it is potential access to gaining personal information about victims which leads to the risks of losing personal information or data privacy.


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