eScooters – Is There A Cyber Risk?

eScooters - Is There A Cyber Risk

With crowded cities, micromobility has become popular as it transports people in a more sustainable, faster, and affordable way. The modern micromobile devices such as scooters and skateboards now have electronic capability where they can connect with your phone and provide GPS navigation and traffic information. These devices have entered the “electronic” realm and are now referred to as e-scooters, e-skateboards, as well as share bicycles, pedelec, and more.

Anything that connects to a smartphone over Bluetooth nowadays runs the risk of cyber security attacks and compromise personal details. These e-micromobile devices joins the cyber risk club.

How bad can it easily get, once hackers gain access? Once hacked into the service providers’ data, the data that can be retrieved are the rider’s vehicle information, their preferred route, personal interests, and their home and work locations. Given this electronic connection, hackers can manipulate this channel to eavesdrop on users, spoof GPS systems and give wrong directions and lead riders to unintended locations, perform Denial-of-Service attacks (DoS attack) on vendors which makes their services unavailable to users, collect personal and billing information, and leak the data.

According to a study report led by Murtuza Jadliwala at the University of Texas at San Antonio,

“Someone with malicious intent could eavesdrop on these wireless channels and listen to data exchanges between the scooter and riders’ smartphone app by means of easily and cheaply accessible hardware and software tools such as Ubertooth and WireShark.”

These capabilities by malicious cyber actors lead to sacrifices on personal information of the e-micromobile riders and also lead to profit losses for service providers.

Because the modern micromobility industry’s products customer appeal depends on these cyber connection enhancements, the micromobility companies providing such eproducts must come up with and implement measures to provide safety measures from these cybersecurity and privacy threats, to protects customers and secure their business operations.



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