Growing requirement of Password Managers

Growing requirement of Password Manager

With a growing demand for Log-in feature before entering a website, has flooded people with user IDs and passwords. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other account, users need to remember the account passwords for each account. Given the number of different sets of login credentials we need, especially online, managing a strong password policy for your entire computing life may feel like an insurmountable challenge. Thus, it is very common to keep similar passwords for various accounts or even the same password for a group of accounts to avoid forgetting the password.

Users usually share their account details with family or friends to access one of their accounts, like prime or Netflix. Although users give the password for accessing a small group, their other accounts can be sneaked out with this password. This password can be tried on other Accounts of the Host and User’s authenticity can easily be compromised. This is a very simple way of Data Breach and cannot fall under Cyber Crime as the User gave their password knowingly.

A password manager is an encrypted digital vault that stores the login information of users to access apps, websites and other services.

Features provided by a Password Manager

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the significance of using strong passwords that are sole in each context where a password is needed. Even if they are conscious of these measures to protect their private data and login credentials, many of them do not see much value in further protecting such passwords when storing them locally. With this issue, Security analysts came up with a solution of sharing password without any other user impersonating you. These are improvised ways of sharing account details without sharing passwords. These password managers come with a built-in feature of sharing passwords with selected contacts. The selected contacts for password sharing should have the application installed in it. The feature also includes an auto password update for all the sub-passwords (Linked contact passwords). These applications provide not just a strong password generator but also secure password storage too.

Password managers, like any type of software, are not all created equal. Few most important key points can be considered before selecting a password manager

  • Encryption: Stored login credentials should always be stored in an encrypted form to avoid any compromised data even on data breach.
  • Secure resource usage: A number of possible vulnerabilities involving unsecured resource usage are possible. With this any decrypted password being dumped onto the disk where it can be recovered later by a malicious security cracker. Thus using the secure resource is a key characteristic to be considered.
  • Self-contained functionality: Software should not allow any decrypt value to be passed through a temp file. Secure password transfer should be a prime concern.
  • Usability: Quick, simple and easy use of the day-to-day functionality of the password manager is important for ensuring that the password manager actually gets used regularly.
  • Verifiable design:  To ensure that the software is trustworthy, it should be verifiable, which means that the source code is not only available for scrutiny but verifiably the same as the source code used to produce the actual executable program itself.

Few famous Password Manager Applications are Dashlane, LastPass, KeeperPasswordManager.There can be certain User specific features as well which are considered while selecting a password manager to secure your passwords.

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