Cyber Security Webinar On-Demand: Workforce Diaspora – Adapting to Secure the Remote Workforce

June 16 LIFARS Webinar - Workforce Diaspora - Adapting to Secure the Remote Workforce

Free cyber security webinar on demand powered by LIFARS and Darktrace: “Workforce Diaspora – Adapting to Secure the Remote Workforce”

Constant change is the new normal for business.

About this Event.
Working from home in zero-trust environments and geographically dispersed, employees are relying on email and using more cloud services and SaaS-based collaboration tools with less oversight. While securing remote connectivity remains a challenge for most organizations, it’s never been more critical.

Join Ondrej Krehel CEO & Founder, Digital Forensics Lead at LIFARS and Justin Fier, Director of Cyber Intelligence and Analysis at Darktrace, for a discussion on how hackers are exploiting the hidden corners of remote connectivity.

Learn about:

  • How to achieve cyber resiliency for hybrid environments
  • Security development when “normal” means constant change
  • Threat stories of advanced attacks thwarted by Cyber AI at machine-speed
  • Leveraging threat intelligence through incident response to take preventative measures moving forward
  • The importance of autonomous response at the onset of AI-powered cyber-attacks
  • Assessing cyber risk through network visibility

By identifying your cyber gaps and implementing safeguards and containment measures now, you will be ready for and respond to tomorrow’s threats.

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