Advantages of Cyber Incident Retainers

What is Cyber Risk or Cybersecurity Risk?

Being on constant alert for cyber threats to your organization is a must. A cyber-attack can strike your organization at any moment, even when you least expect it. That is why it’s all the more important to have a safeguard plan in place. This way, threats to your organization can be minimized, along with any potential security breach damage you face. One effective way is to set up an Incident Response Retainer (IRR) contract for your business. This can help ensure your business is protected when it matters most.  

As of 2018, 59% of global enterprise security decision makers have noted they have an incident response retainer in place, and another 19% are planning on adopting one in the next 12 months, according to the Forrester Wave: Cyber Security Incident Response Services report. Setting up an incident response retainer (IRR) can effectively improve a company’s overall security posture.  

An incident response retainer is a proactive method that tailors a plan of action for your company depending on its cybersecurity incident response needs and objectives. With an IRR, you can choose from different types of annual contracts to find one that is most suitable. You can read our Cyber Security Incident Response White Paper here. 


Incident Response Retainer 

With LIFARS on retainer a cybersecurity incident or a data breach will be handled with the highest priority under strict SLAs. Have your own Computer Security Incident Response Team on call and ready for deployment as your private 911 cyber-emergency. 


Benefits of an Incident Response Retainer (IRR) 

  • Optimized security with a strategic incident response plan  
  • An incident response retainer guarantees a tailored and rapid response in accordance with the agreed SLA for your organization 
  • Rapid response time/ Rapid availability 24/7   
  • Fixed response time crafted for your organization  
  • Improve breach response 
  • Due to familiarity with your company’s environment  
  • Lower costs per incident and expert response  
  • Advanced memory forensic analysis  

Most companies don’t deal with incidents on a daily basis and, therefore, can feel unprepared when an attack occurs within their networks. With an IRR at hand, your company is provided with an independent assessment of the incident. Having a provider with extensive incident management experience can work with your team, provide the best actions to take, and when to take them in order to minimize losses.  

With an IRR, your company is guaranteed a response time to any incident that may occur within your organization regardless of what time the incident occurs. Another highlighted advantage of this service as mentioned above is improved breach response. Your trusted incident response team has the background and knowledge of the company’s environment, thus providing tailored expert services when needed. Plus, any extra hours from your customized security plan can be used to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity posture.