OffSec Releases Win-KeX 2.0 with Exciting New Features

OffSec Releases Win-KeX 2.0 with Exciting New Features

Win-KeX is a Kali Desktop Experience for Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL 2). It allows users to run Kali Linux from within a Windows GUI, providing a more convenient environment for penetration testing.

Developed by Offensive Security, the original Win-Kex was a hit among penetration testers – despite its limitations. Now, version 2.0 is officially live with a slew of enhancements to the user experience as well as functionality.

New Win-Kex 2.0 Features

As is common with the first of its kind, the original Win-KeX was very bare-to-the-bones platform. Here are all the new Win-Kex 2.0 features, we’ll provide a bit more info on the most important ones below:

  • Win-Kex SL (Seamless Edition)
  • Sound support
  • Multi-Session support
  • Run KeX Sessions as root
  • Shared clipboard

Ethical hacking and exploitation is a core expertise of our penetration testers and our red team members.

Win-Kex SL (Seamless Edition)

A no-borders GUI that improves on the overall looks and seamlessness of the experience. Open applications can also operate across the Kali and Windows OSs. Users can now run Kali Linux from anywhere – no need to boot up a cd-ing into the Kali filesystem.

The shared clipboard that allows copy and pasting across Kali and Windows OSs is another improvement on the seamlessness front.

Win-Kex 2.0 Concurrent Sessions Support

To make penetration testing across environments even simpler, users can now run concurrent sessions. Root and unprivileged users can be run at the same time alongside a Win-Kex SL session.

Customize your Workflow with Two Dedicated Modes

  • Those who prefer the classic Win-KeX experience don’t have to worry as Win-KeX window mode is still alive and well. Launch Win-Kex in window mode using the following command (with new sound support):
kex --win -s
  • The new Win-KeX SL mode provides a seamless and borderless experience. The Windows start button is located in the bottom left corner while the Kali toolbar is at the top of the screen. Multiple applications from both operating systems can be run alongside each other in a shared desktop environment. Activate this mode by running
kex --sl --s

There’s no doubt that Win-Kex 2.0’s new features will make life and work easier for security hobbyists and professionals alike.

For more information, as well as installation and configuration steps, check out Kali’s official Win-Kex documentation.