Security Recommendations

Our thoughts are with everyone across Europe, and the world, during these distressing times. Here are some general recommendations for our customers.

  • Based initial analysis of the DDoS attacks that started against Ukrainian targets, the attacks are primarily DNS/UDP floods. For any customer of ours that does not have DDoS mitigations in place (e.g., via a service like Cloudflare, Akamai, or AWS Cloudfront), it is critical to stand that up for critical web services immediately. Having a firewall will not stop the volume of traffic we’re seeing via NetFlow analysis against Ukrainian targets.
  • Blocking certain IPs will not stop all DDoS attacks. The attacks are coming from across the world, complicating their attribution and prohibition. DDoS protection via CDN, therefore, is critical.
  • CDN detection is a signal in the SecurityScorecard platform. It is informational within the Network Security risk group factor.
  • Any Ukraine-based company for the next 6 months can get entirely free access to SecurityScorecard’s enterprise license to protect themselves from ongoing cyber-attacks. We are also providing them free access to the SecurityScorecard digital forensics and incident response team to deal with ransomware issues or to recover from any outage. Simply email

For more information about your cybersecurity risk posture, and to get your free scorecard, go to