SecurityScorecard acquires LIFARS to establish a DFIR services practice

Our world is changing rapidly. More than ever, organizations are reliant on digital technologies to do business. Cyber threats continue to evolve as adversaries seek to exploit digital connections for financial gain. 

Today, SecurityScorecard has announced the acquisition of LIFARS, a global leader in digital forensics, incident response, ransomware mitigation and cyber resiliency services.

SecurityScorecard has seen continued customer and partner demand for security insights and response capabilities. The acquisition of LIFARS will create a Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) practice within SecurityScorecard’s Professional Services group. This new practice will provide our customers a 360-degree approach to security prevention and response, including Digital Forensics and Evidence Collection, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Ransomware Mitigation, and Cyber Resiliency Services. These services will be a complement to our existing Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) advisory services and Cybersecurity Intelligence Services. 

The most exciting part? The data. 

Data is the underlying building blocks of what we do at SecurityScorecard -– we collect billions* of data points every week and distill it down into a summary risk rating so you can prioritize what risks to tackle first. Our extensive network of collection points brings back data to analyze. Our combined DFIR work will not only provide new risks and actors to target in our data collection efforts, but it will also provide targeting back to our DFIR and penetration testing teams to find and fix the gaps faster. 

The integration of LIFARS extends SecurityScorecard’s relentless goal of providing the greatest value and best-in-class support to our growing ecosystem of customers and partners around the world. Our entire company stands ready to deepen our customer partnerships, and help them make faster decisions to make their organizations safer. 

*54 Billion just last week alone! Learn more at