Online Privacy Guide

Handling Online Privacy the Right Way – As our lives move further into the digital world, we’re often paying for newly-gained comforts with our privacy. Yet, because the effects from these compromises are not often immediately visible, it is easy to dismiss the potential impact of privacy loss on our lives and overlook the steps necessary to minimize it. In order to help our associates, partners and clients protect their digital footprints, Assurex Global asked our “go-to” resource for digital forensics and cybersecurity firm, LIFARS, for advice. What follows is a sampling of questions it commonly hears from clients and its advice for handling online privacy the right way. 

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to protect yourself in Digital Word Century
  • Which Software to use to stay safer
  • How to remove yourself from Sales emails
  • What is currect status of Browser safety
  • How to increase safety level on Social Media

Please download the PDF to learn more.