Case Study – Phishing Test

Phishing test to ensure implemented security measures remain effective.
Phishing is the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive informationLIFARS regularly conducts phishing tests, in addition to penetration tests to ensure implemented security measures remain effective, maintain strong, and can upload to real world scenarios. Although, advancing technologies can strength security protection of organization, the human factor remains. Human behavior is often targeted and exploited by attackers using techniques like social engineering to send out carefully crafted phishing emails.

LIFARS cyber resiliency experts can simulate threat actors and their tools, tactics and procedures (TTP) to prepare and deliver advanced phishing attacks for our clients in safe manner. Upon client request, our experts can also simulate APT attacks, including creating customized malware samples made to bypass security detection.

” If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.”
Bruce Schneier

During a Red Teaming engagement our client requested LIFARS to conduct a black box phishing test. As a Fortune 500 company, the client has strong protection technologies in place and regularly verifies the effectiveness of the technologies through penetration tests. The client is aware of the risks its employees face from phishing emails sent by real attackers, and therefore, requested we perform an advanced phishing test. This test is prepped with the purpose of delivery and execution of “malicious” code provided by “attacker” in their infrastructure. In other words, they requested LIFARS to develop a customized malware capable of remaining undetected by their security solutions but can also deliver proof of its execution.

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