The Threat of Iranian Hackers

The Threat of Iranian Hackers - Based on the current tense situation in the worldBased on the current tense situation in the world U.S elimination of the Iranian general associated with terrorist attacks there is a present threat of cyberattacks against U.S. and allied targets. Iran’s long history of cyberattacks against Western infrastructures and strong cyber presence make it highly likely threat actors, more or less affiliated with Iran, will engage in cyberattacks. Iranian threat actors are known to be able to disrupt critical infrastructure, target government organizations and officials, as well as to compromise large corporate networks thus disrupting operations for days or weeks.

APT groups considered to be affiliated with Iran, including state sponsored groups, are known to target critical infrastructures, specifically utility (energy and transportation) and financial sectors. It is probable that these groups will target other sectors in the well.

The purposes of these attacks are to cause disruption, to steal information, to create fear by posting threatening messages on defaced websites, to perform espionage activities, and to hit targets with ransomware attacks.


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