Google Added Several New Features To Chrome

Google added several new features to Chrome

Google has brought certain customer-centric features to Chrome considering the recent security breaches, phishing attacks. These features will help the users in safe browsing and protect them from cybercrimes.

Better password protection in Chrome

Google introduced a better password protection feature which will warn you if your username and password are leaked in a data breach on some websites and will advise you to change your credentials from everywhere they were used.

This feature was earlier introduced by Google as the Password Checkup extension. In October 2019, it became a part of the Password Checkup of Google Accounts where the scanning of passwords can be conducted anytime. Now, Google has more evolved this feature which will warn you when your credentials are stolen or leaked.

Improved tab management options and more color to Chrome

On tab management, a new pop-up note is added to each tab to help in the understanding of what you have opened. If you have opened so many tabs in Chrome then you can preview your tabs by hovering them.

As explained by Google:

“If you have so many tabs open on your laptop that you can’t read the page titles anymore, you can now preview your tabs by hovering over them with your cursor. For now you’ll see the page title, and soon you’ll see a thumbnail of the page too.”

Google is also adding some extra colors to its Chrome options so that users will have a variety of different colors.And soon it will also introduce a color customization feature to customize your Chrome appearance with a wide range of different colors.

Phishing Protection

Phishing protection is a new feature added to Chrome which will warn you when it thinks you are about to enter your Google Account password into a suspected phishing website.

Google says

“This new feature, which builds on the company’s Safe Browsing database, is now 30 percent more likely to warn you of a potential threat and it will work with all the passwords you have stored in Chrome’s built-in password manager.”

Previously, if you had Chrome’s sync feature enabled, then you were able to receive warnings while navigating to phishing websites. Now, with this newly enabled feature, Chrome will protect you whether you have turned sync feature or not.


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