Prices of Phishing Kit Rise By 149%

Prices of Phishing Kit Rise By 149%

91% of cyberattacks and data breaches started with phishing emails. Phishing is a great threat to steal financial information, intellectual property, and even interfere with elections. For this reason, consumers and businesses should ensure that the latest protective measures are taken against such threats. In recent years, researchers have discovered the phishing toolkit on the dark web, which can be used by rookie-level hackers to launch cyber attacks. A hacker can simply downloads this multi-functional phishing toolkit and installs it according to the installation guide, and then can easily initiate a phishing activity to quickly collect user’s personal and financial data.

Ordinary phishing tools only cost from $20 to $50, and some are even free. However, some toolkits price between $100 and $300 as it contains a complete set of tools (for example, with a complete backend interface). The average price of phishing tools sold on the cybercrime market increased by 149% in 2019. The average price of phishing kits sold in underground cybercrime in 2019 soared from $122 in 2018 to $304 last year. The main reason is that as browsers have become more difficult to be exploited by hackers, the efficiency of the exploit kit has declined in recent years. Nevertheless, it also leads to the situation that more and more hackers use email-based attacks as their main method of attacking organizations.

The phishing tool can even duplicate the entire retail website that integrates many retailers, allowing hackers to create fake websites. To convince the victim, the attacker will create a similar domain name, for example, create a similar to the real Walmart domain name ( In order to simplify this process, the toolkit developers provide a simple user interface in the management panel, the attacker can paste the link of the legitimate retailer ’s product, and then the tool automatically imports the product information to the phishing page and then threatens the attacker to Browse products and modify prices.

LIFARS’ scenario-based phishing simulation assesses the current level of employee awareness and the strength of your network defenses. Our experts will launch targeted phishing campaigns based on real-world scenarios observed by our experts. Using both common and uncommon methods, including malicious attachments, URLs, specialized emails, as an attempt to lure your employees. Upon completion of the simulation, a detailed report is produced, complete with gaps and recommendations to elevate your security posture and awareness.

Full-Scope Email Audit: Our team will follow up by conducting an audit of the entire email system to help identify gaps in your security. We will examine email use within your organization for a period of time and based on the results collected and our own experience we will set up filters, whitelists, and blacklists to prevent common and advanced (targeted) email attacks on your organization.

Fine-Tuning Technology: Many businesses have technology in place capable of providing reasonably good email security. We will evaluate and fine-tune your existing technology to provide optimal security for email communication. We ensure that all security controls in place are properly configured and functioning optimally.

Employee Training: Even with the most advanced technology in place, the human factor should not be underestimated. A well-educated and vigilant workforce plays a crucial role in preventing advanced social engineering attacks, including email attacks. Our Cyber Resiliency Experts will train your employees with real examples from the assessment stage to demonstrate the threat and importance of being prepared.


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