Secure Code Review


Traditionally, security or privacy was considered an after-development activity or all together ignored. However, with regulations like GDPR and increasing awareness among the end-users about the security and privacy of their data, businesses must adhere to principles such as privacy by default and privacy by design. Secure Code Review is one of such way a business can ensure that security aspects are considered right from the development stage of an application through deployment and on-going maintenance.

The need for conducting a Secure Code Review can also be understood by considering the present day scenario where there is a mobile application or a web service for everything. Let it be solutions, services, products, games, communication, or the Internet – there are a plethora of apps available for doing the same task. This dependency of the end users on an application or a service provided by a business indirectly imposes an implied liability on the business to ensure that its applications or services are secure.

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